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Father and daughter boogieboarding
Tips & How Tos

Useful and practical tips about how to make the most out of your bodyboarding adventures.

2 bodyboarders wearing fins
Bodyboarding Gear Guide

Everything you need you know about wetsuits, bodyboards, fins and many other bodyboarding accessories. Amy and Andrew at the beach

We’re Andrew & Amy and we are a small blended family that love to bodyboard! We’re here to share everything we know to help you with your bodyboarding adventure as a beginner, with your family or if you’re transitioning onto intermediate level. Let’s go!

“You don’t get to feel the contour of the ocean until you get on a boogie board.”

– Tom Morey. Inventor of the Boogie Board.

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Bodyboard 101 is dedicated to providing easy to digest and comprehensive recommendations, tips and tricks and practical advise for anyone who wants to bodyboard. Perfect for beginner to intermediate bodyboarders and families of all shapes and sizes.

“Bodyboarding will continue to lead the progressive wave riding frontier.” & “Age is just a number.”

– Mike Stewart. Nine-time World Champion Bodyboarder

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